Facebook Marketing – Black Hole

August 7, 2014

As a new established startup’s owner, I’m really sick of Facebook news feed algorithm and pointless marketing promotion. As you all guys remember back in couple of years, Zuck promote proudly Like feature and importancy of getting fans for your company’s facebook page. So their motto was buy more Like, engage with your fans.

It makes sense they’re an internet company so they should make some money at some point. It’s totally fair, good for them.  So we believed them, like they said we promoted our page. We build an amazing community around our business niche. We paid facebook, facebook gave us customers. Totally win-win scenario, kudos for all of us!

But things changed It wasn’t enough for a startup has billions of users. They should figure out new revenue streams and they did. A dirty one, cheap one; if you want to access your fans which they liked your page explicitly (at least theory; In Facebook we trust) you should promote your posts individually. It’s like we, page owners who paid earlier for our customers need to pay more, ouchh?

So we started to pay for our customers again which we need to access organically at first step. Their excuse was average facebook user has 1500 stories per day( see the mashable post ). Daa, you told them like all these crap. You get money from all this crap owners. You create this chaos for all of your users, now to fix it you want more money from all your customers.

It’s not even open how you get these likes or who see your post or not. There are some magic numbers we should believe.

I’m not alone about this; see this amazing work;

Facebook Fraud

Anyway because of all these reason, we believe you don’t give a shit about your customer. We stopped paying you, we have limited resource at least we should spend it on more decent platforms.

We relaxed at that point and was not arguing about our facebook page. But again you bite us, even we’re doing nothing specially, all same routine. Here our this month post reach graph;

Screenshot 2014-08-07 20.52.43

So I guess we should give up and left you alone like this guys did -> http://blog.eat24hours.com/breakup-letter-to-facebook-from-eat24/